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    Streamers and Promotions

    Do you like streaming or editing videos? It's time to combine hobbies! We have an affiliate program for streamers and YouTube bloggers. It is designed for both beginners in this business, and seasoned professionals with a large audience. Galactic PW is now launched an affiliate program for...
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    Patch 40:

    - Minor adjustments to previously added content - Added Title Packs for All PWI PvE and PvP Titles to Boutique in two seperate packs for 125 gold each Shop > New Which can now be purchase to Boutique only gshop not event - Made Kill the Roses now squadable
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    Patch 39

    made Love Questions Trivia Daily Made Special Gifs none tradeable Removed level cap from some normal quest, including key to the altar (Hope this works)
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    Patch 38:

    Lower Quest Kill the Roses from 135 > 65 Changed the 3 bosses to Damned Guarnob, Linus the Woeful and Zimo
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    Patch 37

    Fix special gift when opening
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    Patch 36:

    - Added new titles for valentines to Galactic custom shop.` - Created new dailes 1 to slain 3 bosses and one to kill 135 Sandedge Basilik Mob - x2 dailes called Kill the Roses and Valentine Massacre - Made a item called Special Gift this gives you -Crown of Sochi x20 -Perfect Token of Luck...
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    Valentines Fairytale Screenshot Event

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    Valentines Fairytale Screenshot Event

    Event hosted by Ezie!
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    Valentines Fairytale Screenshot Event