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  1. Steven

    Patch 86

    Fixed Rank 8RR set bonus and the +12 stat, it will give +15 as the GS didn't recognise the +12. Added faction rename stone to boutique. Caster nirvana should now be able to open. BM should now be able to take all R8 Quests Added a bunch more of Male & Female Fashion. Edited a few of the...
  2. Steven

    Patch 83

    Added 30 DEF blessing into the same store as the other blessings Added male and female fashion shops at west archosaur. We have lots to add so I will be doing them bit by bit in the shops, every patch adding new ones as we go. They is some really nice fashion and some maybe not so good lol but...
  3. Steven

    Patch 82

    Patch Notes Faction and Squad signets can now be used in heaven and hell. Fixed the starter gear pack it is now purchasable. Added R8RR Mats added to boutique and event boutique. Added Crown of Armageddon, Celestial necklaces and Supreme Robes, they is multiple choice to go with these items, so...
  4. Steven

    Schedule of GM Events | GM Event Schedule

    Schedule of GM-events Monday _ Tuesday _ Wednesday _ Thursday _ Friday _ Saturday _ Sunday _ Time and Name 17:00 Ezie's Lucky Number 13:00 Kill The GM w/ Aaron 18:00 Trivia Questions w/ Aaron 21:30 Chat Calucator Event w/ Aaron 17:00 Vice Versa with Ezie...