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  1. Ezie

    Stars n Stripes Event

    Independence Day is coming in the US and I thought what better time to Celebrate the Lands we Love. Event Tasks: Re-Create a Scene showing what you do in your Country to Celebrate. Post it here and Tell us a Story about your Favorite Memory of a Celebration. Event Ends July 3, 2022 at...
  2. Ezie

    Sorting Hats Challenge

    The Sorting Hat Challenges you to Complete 3 Tasks. The Wisest and Most Creative will Succeed! Do you have what it takes?? Tasks Must Be Completed by June 1, 2022 at Server Reset Winners will be Announced Shortly After Task 1 will test your knowledge, Task 2 tests your Creativity, and Task 3...
  3. Ezie

    Egg Decorating Event

    Easter is Upon us!! Bring on the Chocolate Bunnies the Peeps and Egg Decorating!!! To help us celebrate the season we are asking you to help us decorate some Eggies!!! Save the Blank Egg Template below and decorate it however you like and then Post it Here. Example: Reward: 100 Galactic...
  4. Ezie

    Patch 90

    -Set All Custom Titles to Stack to 100 -Adjusted Drops on Ezies Mobs -Adjusted Defense of Floppy and Hoppy Mobs -Made Crown of Armageddon(item# 42402) Account Stashable -Removed Untradeable Dragon orb Packs from UP Bosses Adjusted drops to equal 100% - there was already a tradeable pack in...
  5. Ezie

    Territory War Season

    The New Territory Wars Season will begin April 1st! We are offering a Top TW Guild incentive: All Active Members will be Awarded. Exclusive Discord Role - Top Faction Land Owners title 500 Event Gold!!! Galactic Packs Title will expire at the end of each TW season. Good Luck!♡
  6. Ezie

    Galactic Starter Guide

    A starter guide for GalacticPW Welcome to Galactic! We’re glad to have you here. This guide should answer most questions you will have as a new player coming to the server. If there is something you feel is missing, ask your fellow players and they will gladly help you out. What...
  7. Ezie

    Heavenfall Temple Guide

    A guide to Heavenfall Temple for GalacticPW About Heavenfall temple is a solo only instance that is accessible after you achieve level 89 and complete the level 89 cultivation (aware of the void/aware of the myriad). It consists of 8 repeating basic levels and one boss level every 9 floors...
  8. Ezie

    TW Videos

    God Of Weed vs Vitality Video Credit to Zadarsky
  9. Ezie

    How to Level

    How to Level: On Galactic we have many ways to level Hypers Exp Stones and Training Esorticas can be purchased out of the Galactic Custom Shop which can be found in west near the banker. Questing: Questing is a big part of leveling on GPW. The turn in reward are upgraded x3 Exp, x10 Spirit...
  10. Ezie

    Good to Know Info

    Below is some random information that will make your Galactic PW experience and little easier. Handy Buttons: Access your Bank or Mail anywhere you go. You'll notice some handy little buttons at the bottom of your bag. You can open access your Bank, Mailbox, Purify and Imbue Gems, Add...
  11. Ezie

    Important Info & Guides

    Below is a bit of random information that willhelp to optimize you're Galactic PW experience. Good to Know Info: Handy Buttons: Access your Bank or Mail anywhere you go. You'll notice some handy little buttons at the bottom of your bag. You can open access your Bank, Mailbox, Purify and Imbue...
  12. Ezie

    Spring has Sprung!

    It Spring!!!! Show us what Spring means to you!! All you have to do is take a screenshot of your character doing your Favorite Spring Activity! It can be with Friends or Solo. Make sure you include your In Game Name And your favorite quote about Spring. Event will run from March 16, 2022 -...
  13. Ezie

    Territory Wars

    - TW session can host a maximum of 80 vs 80 players (defenders in blue and attackers in red). - TW session is a showcase of teamwork, skill and cooperation. - TW session is a place players lose their cool and start doing silly things they normally don't - Dual Clienting is NOT allowed in TW, and...
  14. Ezie

    Patch 34

    Patch 34: New Map for Nation wars
  15. Ezie

    Galactic Events

    Please Read All the Information About GM Events Before Participating. Rules of the Events Won't Be Stated In-Game Repeatedly. Rules may vary slightly from GM to GM and are subject to the GM hosting's discretion. Prizes Awarded may vary from GM to GM. General Rules for every event: -No Trash...
  16. Ezie

    Patch 33

    Patch 33: - Now only 2 Nations on Nation wars. - Yaksha and Battlement stones now stack. - Can now make x10 and x100 amount of mysterious chip packs at pw boutique agent. - Can now do "Remove the seal" quest without team mates. - Due to people abusing the daily Christmas quest with alts we have...
  17. Ezie

    🎄 Galactic Tree Lighting 🎄

    Its that special time of year and the Holidays are not complete without decorating the tree. So your task for this Tree Lighting Event is to decorate Our Tree with whatever gets you in the spirit. Make sure to include your IGN Prizes are as follows: 1st place 200 Webcoins 200 Galactic packs...