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A starter guide for GalacticPW

Welcome to Galactic! We’re glad to have you here. This guide should answer most questions you will have as a new player coming to the server. If there is something you feel is missing, ask your fellow players and they will gladly help you out.

What should I do when I first log in?

Upon first creating your character, the first thing you will want to do is collect your starter gear. To do this you will talk to the guide npc that you will spawn near, and follow the quest. Do the first few quests available and you’ll reach level 3, upon reaching level 3 talk to Sekron Shien and take the quest preparing for battle. Make sure to select the right equipment, as your next major gear upgrade will be at level 70. This starter gear also includes a tome with channeling/aps and a timed blessing with more channeling/aps to help you starting out.

After obtaining your gear, you’ll want to talk to the pet manager for your custom mount. This mount will start at 11m/s and all mounts can be used in any dungeon! You will have the opportunity to upgrade your mount and flyer to faster ones as you get to higher levels and are stronger.

Upon reaching level 10, you can claim your inventory and safe extension from the golden chest in the top left. You’ll then want to talk to colormask and take the quest “The Maiden’s Summon” to receive your starting flyer.

How do I level up?
Leveling in Galactic is a combination of questing, PV, and dailies. You can use hypers in FC for good exp or be boosted in our custom zones by a stronger player. As you get into level 30+, make use of crazy stone and bounty hunters for more good exp and also some event gold to start you out. We have a trivia npc which will allow you to answer 15 questions for exp based on your level.
Make good use of HFT as you’ll receive good experience and other useful rewards from it, if you don’t know how to complete it you can check out our guide on HFT and find out what you can get in there!
Where can I get items I need like guardian scrolls or hypers?

We have a Galactic Custom Shop which you can find in major cities that has your basic necessities being sold for coins.


This shop can also be accessed from a little bag icon in the top right of your screen next to the minimap.


How can I get coins?

Coins can most readily be obtained by doing our daily quest in dungeons fb19-99. Upon entering an eligible dungeon you will receive a quest to kill a boss in it. This quest will reward you with coins (x2 the amount displayed in the quest). Each dungeon can be completed once a day, and the coin reward increases significantly in the higher level dungeons.


Coins can also be obtained by crafting big notes at the galactic custom npc with galactic tokens, or from tokens of best luck obtained from packs.

How can I obtain gold?

You can obtain 25 gold (cubi) for voting on all sites in the user panel, and receive event gold for almost all dailies available to you. You can also obtain event gold by participating in GM events, and you don’t always have to win to receive something!
Cubi and event gold shops are the same with differing prices.

Rewards for dailies are as follows.

Crazy stone (31-95) - 10 event gold

Morai crazy stone (100)) - 40 event gold

Bounty hunter (40-90) - 5 event gold each, this applies to bh2 and bh3 as well.

Bounty hunter (100) - 10 event gold (Note - you can receive 2 bh1 per day, from 1k and arch)

Cube of fate - 30 event gold

Morai blue daily - 10 event gold

Wraithslayers missive (weekly) - 50 event gold

Flowsilver palace - 50 event gold

GV (delta) - 25 event gold, can be repeated as long as you have orders

WQ (70-99) - 10 event gold

WQ (100) - 15 event gold

Crowd control (custom daily 100+) - 16 event gold

Slaying giants (custom daily 100+) - 20 event gold

Roll call - 10 event gold each, there is a separate one for each rebirth as well for up to 30 at RB2

Treasure map - 5 event gold, 7.5 event gold, 10 event gold etc depending on map

Primal dailies - 10 event gold each

FC daily quest to kill holeen - 15 event gold

As you can see event gold is very accessible, and increases significantly as you get to higher levels and rebirth.

How do I obtain reputation?

Reputation can be obtained through a few methods here in Galactic.

You will receive 250 rep for each clear of the daily dungeon quest, up to 3250 rep if you clear all of them.

You can receive rep via sochi packs that you can purchase with event gold, with the imperial exam item.

You can craft wraith badges with tokens which can be purchased for coins at the galactic custom shop.

You will receive varying amounts of reputation from many of your dailies.

You can exchange galactic coins (which can be farmed in our custom zones) for reputation.

You can trade shiny flowsilver coins which you will receive from your primal dailies and FSP for warsong emblems, which you can trade to wraith badges at a 2:1 rate.

What do I do for gear?

Your starter gear will last you until level 70. The coming of age quest (tb/goshiki) will reward you with new gear at level 70 which will last you while you work on your next gear.

The next gear recommended would be FC gear (85+), this gear is buffed with 10 slaying levels on each piece of gear so that it will be effective while you work on better gear. You can farm this either through FC as a drop in the form of frost crystals from all of the bosses with a quest at the end that rewards an extra 25 crystals, or you can exchange galactic coins at a rate of 1:2 coins to frost crystals. Galactic coins can be farmed in our custom zones which you can access through the mounts and flights npc at west arch.

It is recommended to stick with the weapon you receive at level 70 until level 95, when you will receive a better one from morai quests. After that you should upgrade to the morai 101 weapon, which you can obtain in 1-2 days by doing morai dailies and wraithslayers missive.

After this you can start farming TT and then nirvana, or participate in nation wars and fsp to get supply tokens and make r8r after you obtain 200000 reputation. From there you can work towards r8rr or g16. R8rr can be obtained through thursday night fights, FSJ (flowsilver palace judgement mode), and gold/event gold. G16 can be farmed in warsong city and lunar glade. From there you’ll start working towards your R9.

How do I get R9?

In Galactic, R9 is obtained mostly through supply tokens. Supply tokens can be obtained through nation wars, daily FSP, and SOT weekly. Make sure to do these as often as possible to speed up the process.

There are other ways, such as getting the items through packs or using tokens to craft chips for GST, but these are secondary.

How do I get refines?

Refines are readily obtainable up to +8, from fb59-89. Each boss in fb59 will drop a large amount of 1-5 star dragon orbs that are bound and can’t be used to make higher level orbs. Each boss in 69 will have a medium chance to drop 6 star orbs that are bound and can’t be used to make higher level orbs. Each boss in 79 will have a low chance to drop 7 star orbs that are bound and cannot be used to make higher level orbs. Each boss in 89 will have a lower chance to drop 8 star orbs that are bound and cannot be used to craft higher level orbs.
After +8, it is recommended to use tisha stones to get +9 using back 8 star orbs as a safety net. You can take that further to +10, or you can craft 10 star orbs. To craft high level orbs, you will need to save up on golden eggs and supply tokens. Golden eggs can be received through various dailies and as drops in some dungeons. Supply tokens can be obtained through FSP, SoT weekly, and nation wars. They can be used to craft tradeable orbs that can be upgraded into higher level orbs. Keep on with this method to obtain 11 and 12 star orbs. It is recommended to only use the higher orbs on your best gear, as it’s not as easily replaceable as +8.

How do I obtain skill books?

Skill books can be obtained through tokens to craft mysterious pages, which you can obtain with coins.

You can create old book pages and page of fate with shiny flowsilver coins

You can obtain mysterious pages through our custom faction base, with contribution coins. You can obtain contribution coins at the faction manager > goods > coin ex tab. They will cost you 100 contribution each, and can be exchange for some useful items.


Spend these coins at the same npc, under the material tab.


♡Guide Credit to Flora♡

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