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A guide to Heavenfall Temple for GalacticPW



Heavenfall temple is a solo only instance that is accessible after you achieve level 89 and complete the level 89 cultivation (aware of the void/aware of the myriad). It consists of 8 repeating basic levels and one boss level every 9 floors for a total of 108 floors. It is a good way to gain exp in the level 90+ range as well as get high level materials for starchart.

How to enter:

Heavenfall temple can be entered from the illusion stone at west archosaur or manually in heaven at the floating pavilion.

How to complete :

To complete heavenfall temple you need to successfully clear all 108 floors, to do this you will want to make use of the unique buffs provided in the instance. To get the buffs you can either choose to farm the points used to obtain them by completing levels or you can buy the points from the master of solitude npc for 1 million coins per 4000 points. It takes a total of 12000 points to completely buff your character. You can apply the buffs from the show/hide buff interface under your character portrait in the top left corner of your screen. Slaying levels from any source will benefit you greatly in this instance due to the interaction it has with attack levels, a good weapon to use would be the level 101 morai weapons with 60 slaying levels.

Clearing Floors:



Once you’re buffed up and ready to go, enter the first floor through the floor selector under your character portrait. Here you will encounter the 8 normal challenges that must be completed before you can challenge the boss on the 9th level.


Challenge of the Portal:
Walk to each glowing orb to spawn a wave of 10 enemies and kill them, repeat this up to 10 waves and the challenge will be complete.


Challenge of the believers:
Kill all of the malicious monks and servants of mara papman. Do not kill the bewitched followers, they only have 1 hp so do not use any AOE abilities during this challenge.


Challenge of the pilgrim:
Kill 10 celestial guardians within 3 minutes. As you get to higher levels of this challenge other enemies will spawn and attack you, do not kill them as they will cause you to lose progress.

Challenge of calamity:
Kill the avatar of calamity. Stand on one of the green orbs to temporarily remove his invulnerability and damage his health.


Challenge of the monk :
At the start of this challenge 4 enemies will spawn in the corners of the arena. Each one will buff the corrupted monk in a different way, magic defense, health, physical defense, and attack. You must kill the ones that will impact your ability to kill the monk or it will take much longer to complete especially at higher levels. Once the enemies either reach the center or you kill them all, the corrupted monk will spawn and you may kill it.


Challenge of energy:
An energy tower will spawn in the center, it will instruct you to gather a certain “essence” to power up the orb. You will have 30 seconds to damage the corresponding enemy to get them to drop their essence and push their essence into the tower. You must not fully kill the enemy or their essence will not spawn and you will lose progress or fail the challenge. Repeat until the energy tower is full hp to complete the challenge.


Challenge of the protectors :
A celestial bead will spawn in the center of the arena, you must damage it to charge the mirror of the sages that you receive. Once you have charges, click on the protectors and use the mirror to empower them. These protectors are crucial for killing the waves of enemies that come down the path, as they are impervious to player damage. At the end of the 10 waves a boss will come down the path and must be killed to complete the challenge. If any enemies pass the protectors and get to the portal at the end of the path then the challenge will fail.


Challenge of the elements:
Kill the 5 totems that spawn, you will occasionally receive a buff that will increase your damage to a certain totem to make it faster.




There are 6 total bosses, you will encounter them every 9 floors and twice before you move onto the next boss.

Four wraith kings - kill the 4 kings, each one of them has a special ability that does very high damage. Once killed they will leave behind an invulnerable copy of themselves that will cast its ability occasionally. Be careful not to get hit by any of them as they do a lot of damage and can often 1-2 hit you.

High sage esher - When starting the room the boss will be invulnerable, you must push the chest into him to cause him to become targetable. Enemies will occasionally spawn that drop the item to push the chest. He will become invulnerable again if not killed very quickly, to target him again you must kill all of the golden sages.

Bodhi of grief - The boss will become invulnerable after you damage it, to remove the invulnerability you must pull the boss into the purple seed on the ground. The black seed increases the damage taken by the boss, the blue seed heals it.

Matreya the corrupt - You must kill the boss, but once killed he will disappear and flowers will spawn in the room. You have to kill the flower that his soul is stored in to finish him or he will respawn with full health and you must repeat. Start from flower 8, if it says “larger” it is somewhere to the right, if it says “smaller” it is to the left.

Zen ji the serpent witch - Occasionally an egg will spawn behind the boss, break the egg and kill the snakes that come out of it or they will heal the boss to full. Besides that she is very straightforward to kill, she just has much higher health than the bosses before her.

Mara papman - This boss will be invulnerable at the start, you must save the adventurers or let them die for the boss to come and fight. For each adventurer that dies the bosse’s ability will get significantly stronger. To save the adventurers you must stand in the green orb to summon mara papmans soul and damage 20% of its hp, he will give you a temporary buff that will increase your channeling and attack speed while making your attacks heal. Use auto attacks no matter what class you are to heal the adventurers to full hp at which point it will disappear and you will only have to focus on the other ones.


The challenge floors will reward you with exp packs that are automatically consumed when obtained. They reward you with a high amount of exp/spirit and increase as you progress to higher floors. As you reach higher floors this reward can sometimes change to vitae pills and chienkun stones.

Boss floors will not reward you with exp/spirit and instead will reward you with vitae pills, chienkuns, or astrobana pearls to level up your starchart. As you get to higher level bosses the reward increases significantly, often resulting in a very large amount of starchart exp.

♡Guide Credit to Flora♡