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Below is a bit of random information that willhelp to optimize you're Galactic PW experience.

Good to Know Info:

Handy Buttons:
Access your Bank or Mail anywhere you go.
You'll notice some handy little buttons at the bottom of your bag.
You can open access your Bank, Mailbox, Purify and Imbue Gems, Add Sockets and Refine Services.

Galactic Shop can be opened by clicking the pouch icon located just to the left of your Mini Map.

You can get super useful items such as Teleport stones, Telecoustics, Tokens of Luck, Hyper Exp Stones and More from the Galactic Custom Shop.

Custom Mobs & Bosses for Fashion, Flights & Mounts can be reached through the NPC in West Archosaur Mounts & Flights. There are