Patch 90


Staff member
GPW Game Master
-Set All Custom Titles to Stack to 100
-Adjusted Drops on Ezies Mobs
-Adjusted Defense of Floppy and Hoppy Mobs
-Made Crown of Armageddon(item# 42402) Account Stashable
-Removed Untradeable Dragon orb Packs from UP Bosses Adjusted drops to equal 100%
- there was already a tradeable pack in drops
-Reduced Exp for GCP(51470) increased HP to 200k increased Def
-Made Custom Shoes Dyeable
-Set Cost of Dyes to Dye to 2 Dyes
-Added Option to Craft 100 Wedding Candies
-Added Option to Craft 100 Wines
- Added to Best Luck Tab
-Added Exchange Grand Commander Order to Sovereign Seal
-Added Fashion Models
-Created an Exchange for usful items in exchage for Galactic Tokens
-Rates will be adjusted after we see how bosses dropped
-Added Easter Titles and Custom Winner title for BadBrad
-Revamped Brim and Eden mobs Removed useless drops and added galactic tokens
-Added Fashion
-Reskinned Chi Post
-Added Event Gold to Divine Contract that was missing reward
-Reduced Sovereign Seal Cost for Necklace Engraving to 10 from 15
-Edited Abba weekly to include the same rewards to sot Now includes 1k st